The first nursery in North America to focus on green roof plants, Emory Knoll Farms has been the nation's leading supplier of plants and plant expertise for extensive green roof systems since 2000.  We have significant first-hand experience working with a variety of roofing systems, soil mixes, manufacturers & designers, and climates.  Our business model is based on offering the highest level of service in the industry.

Our business model is based on offering the highest level of service in the industry.  We understand the nature of the construction industry and work with our customers to deliver  the plants you need, when you need them, not on an arbitrary schedule.

We have numerous R&D plots on site to test plants, and we work with several universities and industry experts, supporting various green roof research projects.  We have tested over three hundred plant species and varieties and offer the best of these in our catalog.  With hundreds of acres of planted green roofs, we have experience in what makes a green roof successful - and why.

Emory Knoll Farms is dedicated to sustainability both in our environment and business practices.  We continue to expand the sustainable design features in our operations.  For example, solar power pumps all the water used in our greenhouses and photovoltaic cells help supply our electrical needs.  The remainder of the electricity we use is 100% wind generated.

Our own proven Regional Green Roof Plant blends.  Mixed flats provide a broad mix of plants that are proven in various green roofs conditions in your project area.  We apply our broad geographical, horticultural, and roofing system experience to carefully select up to 20 different plants that are specifically optimized in that particular climate region. This variety of plants in one tray makes a meadow-style planting successful and beautiful.  No other nursery has the level of experience to let them stand behind their product with the confidence that we can.

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